Assistants and hostesses

Do you need a Serbian speaking assistant for your business partner, who is coming to a conference in Prague and cannot speak English? We will provide professional assistants and hostesses with good knowledge of the required language for your cultural, business, social or educational event.

The term hostess has lately become somehow pejorative. Nevertheless, we regard the hostesses as “hostesses” in the true meaning of the word, i.e. sympathetic young women who look after the client’s guests with the same attention the client themselves would pay them. She is well-educated and smartly dressed without excessive jewelry. She does not look at her job as an opportunity for free dinner or the possibility to meet businessmen. She is professional in her manners and at hand whenever needed.

In addition to assistants and hostesses, we also offer many supplementary services for this type of event, including professional photographer, makeup stylist, host, live music, etc.